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We know how to leverage our server monitoring
tools in order to prevent outages before their occur. 



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What Server Operations do we Monitor?

In our practice we’ve learned to leverage monitoring tools in order to prevent outages before their occur. That’s where the real value for your business is, and that is what we can provide.


Server health monitoring

We support monitoring for all major operating systems – Linux, Windows, *BSD and all other UNIX-like systems. We also cover SNMP devices like routers, switches and firewalls and other network devices.

Our are highly proficient in monitoring all major cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, Digital Ocean and can handle any other VM provider, as well as on a bare-metal servers.

Memory usage

This is particularity important metric as running out of memory can silently lead to degraded performance. A server running out of memory can slow down your operations and in some cases, if it’s a database server, it can lead to data loss.

With proper monitoring we will know how much memory your server is using over time and we can plan ahead if you need to take measures to mitigate future problems.

Hardware Health Monitoiring

Monitoring the health status of your hardware can detect minor nuances like a fan spinning slower than it has to, a HDD having a sudden increase in bad sectors, or a power supply not providing optimal voltage.

All of these are signs of hardware running outside of it’s specifications and replacing it in advance can save a lot of headaches.

Network and NIC

Having your network interface dropping packets can be annoying as all request to that server will suffer and data might be lost during transfer. As example websites can look broken and with no obvious reason at a first glance.

CPU usage monitoring

Continuous CPU monitoring helps you to manage the loads your servers are put under and can help you adjust your infrastructure accordingly.

I/O Monitoring

Applications running a lot of read and write operations can degrade other services running on the same instance.


Your Server Operations are Safe with Us

Our server monitoring experts will keep everything running smoothly
and help prevent outages and down time.

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